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Value Capture

How can we make better use of Value Capture?

The Australian Government is committed to efficiently using innovative funding and financing mechanisms, including value capture to help deliver the infrastructure needed to support Australian communities. Value capture is an important alternative source of funding for infrastructure development and can provide a more efficient and equitable approach to infrastructure development and delivery. Incorporating consideration of value creation and capture encourages reforms through more integrated urban and land use planning practices, and provides opportunities for greater private sector involvement in the funding and delivery of infrastructure.

Following the release of the discussion Paper on Using Value Capture to help Deliver Major Land Transport Infrastructure PDF: 2564 KB ReadSpeaker, the Australian Government undertook extensive consultation with stakeholders in April 2017, assisted by the Department. This Discussion Paper, as well as a recent review by the House of Representatives Committee Harnessing Value, Delivering Infrastructure and the Infrastructure Australia Value Capture Paper, Capturing Value, laid the ground work for future development of value capture in Australia.

The Australian Government recognises that they key to any good value capture strategy is that value capture mechanisms should demonstrate a clear link between any contributions to a project being sought from beneficiaries and the additional benefits created by the project.

The Australian Government is now moving from policy development to implementation of value capture through its consideration of the optimum funding and financing structures for major, transformational infrastructure projects being developed across the country.