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Funding Programmes

Listed below are the programmes which are funded under the Infrastructure Investment Programme as well as the Grants Programmes for regions. Additional funding assistance is also offered for local roads.

Infrastructure Investment

Grants Programmes

  • The Building Better Regions Fund will invest $297.7 million over four years in infrastructure projects and community investments to create jobs, drive economic growth and build stronger regional communities into the future.

  • The Australian Government has established the Community Development Grants Programme to support needed infrastructure that promotes stable, secure and viable local and regional economies.

  • The National Stronger Regions Fund invests in infrastructure projects which deliver economic benefit and address disadvantage.

  • The Stronger Communities Programme will deliver $45 million over two years commencing in 2015-16.

  • The Programme is an initiative of the Australian Government that will provide grant funding for projects that support the community and economic and social projects which contribute to the development and community amenity of the Indian Ocean Territories of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

  • The National Partnership Agreement on South Australian River Murray Sustainability Program (the NPA) commits $265 million of Australian Government funding to the South Australian Government to support a healthy working Murray-Darling Basin.

  • The Australian Government has announced $106 million in funding for the Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Package, for projects which support the economic development of Tasmania.

  • The Murray-Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Programme (MDBREDP) commits $72.656 million to assist Basin communities increase economic diversification and adjust to a water constrained environment. Each of the Basin States of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland select and manage projects within their jurisdictions.

  • The Drought Communities Programme (DCP) is designed to deliver benefits in targeted drought affected regions of Australia.  The Australian Government is providing $35 million over four years, commencing in 2015-16, to fund local infrastructure initiatives that provide employment for people whose work opportunities have been impacted by drought.

  • The Australian Government's approach to regional development is to work in partnership with communities, government and the private sector to foster the development of self-reliant communities and regions.


Last Updated: 13 February, 2017