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Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Programme

The Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Programme (HVSPP) is an Australian Government initiative to improve productivity and safety outcomes of heavy vehicle operations across Australia, through funding infrastructure projects.

The specific HVSPP objectives are to:

  • Increase productivity of heavy vehicles by enhancing the capacity of existing roads and improving connections to freight networks; and
  • Improve the safety environment for heavy vehicles.

State, Territory and Local Governments are eligible to apply. The programme will contribute a maximum of 50 per cent of the total project cost.

Proponents are encouraged to consult with industry and community more broadly on potential projects to ensure community views and industry priorities are considered in the development of proposals.

Projects will be selected as part of a competitive, merit based process.

Payments to all successful projects (including Councils) will be made through National Partnership Agreements to state/territory governments.

Details on successful projects from previous rounds are outlined below.

Round Five

Round Five of the HVSPP has now closed.

All eligible applications will now be assessed as part of a competitive, merit based process. This can be a lengthy process dependent on the number of applications received. 

Once the assessment process is complete, successful projects under Round Five will be announced by the Australian Government and a list of successful projects will be posted on this website.

To all applicants, please remember that no onsite construction or offsite prefabrication is to commence, or tenders accepted on the project prior to a Project Agreement being in place with the Department. Failure to comply may cause your project to be ineligible for Australian Government funding.

The Department's contact email is HVSPP@infrastructure.gov.au and information line is 02 6274 6758.

Round Four

The Deputy Prime Minister has announced the following successful proposals:

Eligible projects include:

  • upgrades to existing road infrastructure;
  • upgraded and new de-coupling areas;
  • technology enhancements;
  • developing new rest areas and upgrades to existing rest areas; and
  • demonstration projects.

Round Four was focused on projects that were well developed, with planning and approvals well advanced so construction can begin in the 2014-15 financial year.

Round Three Projects

The third round of funding worth $50 million is fully allocated. Details of the successful Round Three projects in the states and territories can be found on the links below:

 A list of all successful Round Three projects can be found on the link below:

Review of Round One and Two Projects

Funding of $70 million was provided for heavy vehicle safety and productivity projects over the four years from 2008-09 to 2011-12. Details of the completed rounds 1 and 2 projects can be seen on the Completed Infrastructure Projects webpage.

The Department contracted Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu to conduct a review of the effectiveness of the HVSPP (Rounds 1 and 2). The review is complete and the report has been tabled in both houses of Parliament. [PDFPDF: 11912 KB]

The report concludes that:

  • “the HVSPP’s improved provision of rest areas allowing for increased stops by truck operators to more effectively manage fatigue will lead to a further reduction in heavy vehicle-related accidents on these routes”; and
  • “the availability of decoupling bays and the upgrading of the heavy vehicle network will result in the increased use of B-double vehicle configurations, and other HML vehicles, ... and subsequently lead to improved productivity outcomes”.


Last Updated: 11 February, 2016