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Roads to Recovery Funding Conditions

  • 2014-2019 Roads to Recovery Programme Funding PDF: 452 KB ReadSpeaker

The Roads to Recovery Programme operates uniformly across Australia. Under current arrangements, each council is guaranteed a share of the total available funding. Under simple administrative procedures whereby spending decisions are made locally and reported to the government, money is paid directly from the Australian Government to each council. Much of the administration is via the internet.

Money provided under the Roads to Recovery Programme is not intended to replace council spending on roads or State and Territory Government assistance to councils for local road construction or maintenance.

Local councils nominate the projects to be funded. Councils have so far used the money to repair and upgrade more than 58,000 road sites.

However, there are large parts of Australia, mainly in remote areas, where there are no councils and where State Governments provide council services to small communities, and these areas are known as 'unincorporated areas'.  Special programme provisions apply to these areas and to the Indian Ocean Territories.

The funding conditions which applied to the previous 2009-2014 Roads to Recovery Programme can be accessed below.

  • Old Roads to Recovery Programme Funding PDF: 169 KB ReadSpeaker


Last Updated: 21 February, 2017