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National Smart Managed Motorways Programme

The objective of the Programme is to deliver more efficient motorways through the application of smart infrastructure technologies to improve real-time management of major motorways.  This includes reducing congestion and improving the management of traffic demand in major cities.

Projects will investigate and implement innovative technology-based solutions including data collection sensors, variable speed limits and message signs, and ramp metering. 


The Australian Government has committed funding to state governments for three initial projects in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. These projects are:


M4 (Western Motorway) – feasibility/project development funding for the introduction of a managed motorway system, including ramp metering and potential freight prioritisation, on this existing motorway.


M1 West Gate Freeway (Western Ring Road to Williamstown Road) – upgrade this section to a level 3 Intelligent Transport System (ITS).


Bruce Highway (Gateway Motorway to Caboolture) - Implement Intelligent Transport System facilities on the Bruce Highway between the Gateway Motorway North and the D’Aguilar Highway on the Bruce Highway at Caboolture.

All projects are jointly funded by the Australian Government and the relevant state government.

The three initial projects (see above) were announced in the 2011-12 Budget, and will be completed by June 2015.