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Objectives and Key Features


The Australian Government promotes sustainable national and regional economic growth, development and connectivity by contributing to the development of an integrated National Network which:

  1. Improves national and inter-regional connectivity for people, communities, regions and industry.
  2. Improves national, inter-regional and international logistics and trade.
  3. Enhances health, safety and security.
  4. Is consistent with the obligation to current and future generations to sustain the environment.
  5. Is consistent with viable, long-term economic and social outcomes.
  6. Is linked effectively to the broader transport network.

Key Features

  1. A defined National Network of important road and rail infrastructure links and their intermodal connections.
  2. A National Land Transport Plan designed to integrate planning and investment on the National Network.
  3. Earmarked funding for local and regional transport improvements.


Last Updated: 3 February, 2015