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Road Safety Program

As part of the Australian Government’s ongoing commitment to improving road safety $3 billion has been committed to the Road Safety Program over three years from 2020-21.

The funding supports the fast roll out of lifesaving road safety treatments on rural and regional roads and greater protection for vulnerable road users, like cyclists and pedestrians, in urban areas. Funding under the program is offered to states and territories on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis in five, six-month tranches. As a condition of funding, states and territories are required to provide road safety data, and report against road safety metrics.

The Road Safety Program is delivering lifesaving road safety treatments on rural and regional roads and providing better protections for vulnerable road users. State highways and arterial roads are being upgraded through the application of road safety treatments including shoulder sealing and the installation of rumble strips, to support the safe return of vehicles from the shoulder into the travel lane; physical barriers to prevent run off road crashes; and median treatments to prevent head-on vehicle collisions. Vulnerable road users, like cyclists and pedestrians, in urban areas will see greater protections through road safety upgrades to include traffic calming, separated cycle-ways, and the installation of raised pedestrian crossings.

All states and territories receive a notional allocation of funding under a ‘use it or lose it’ provision. States and territories are required to use their funding within each six-month tranche in order to receive their full allocation of funding for the next tranche. The resulting unallocated funds will be placed in a pool, with jurisdictions who spend their allocation able to seek further funds from this pool.

The national Office of Road Safety is supporting the Government's road safety agenda, including by working closely with states, territories and local governments in developing the new National Road Safety Strategy for the decade 2021–30.

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