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Outback Way

About the program

The Australian Government is investing $330 million to upgrade key sections of the Outback Way, the 2,800 kilometre route that links Laverton in Western Australia with Winton in Queensland via Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

This $330 million is made up of a number of commitments, which together are delivering upgrades to the Outback Way over a more than 10 year period. See below for a breakdown of funding commitments and individual projects.

2018 $160 million Commitment

In April 2018, the Australian Government announced a further $160 million to seal and widen sections of the Outback Way.

The Australian Government is working with Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia to identify the highest priority remaining sections for upgrade.

2016 $100 million Commitment

In 2016, the Australian Government committed $100 million to upgrade targeted sections of the Outback Way. Works to be undertaken include safety and productivity improvements, such as road widening and sealing.

In order to identify projects, the Australian Government commissioned an Investment Strategy to help inform the allocation of the $100 million commitment.

The Australian Government announced 13 projects to be funded under the Outback Way $100 million commitment in November 2017.

Northern Australia Roads Program (NARP)

The Australian Government has also committed $28 million through the NARP to undertake works on key sections of the Plenty Highway and Tjukaruru Road in the Northern Territory.

2013 $42 million Commitment

In 2013, the Australian Government committed an initial $42 million towards the Outback Way, for projects across the three northern jurisdictions.


2016 $100 million Commitment


Northern Territory

Western Australia

Northern Australia Roads Program (NARP)

2013 $42 million Commitment


The Australian Government investment in the Outback Way will improve the inter-jurisdictional transport network by increasing connectivity and reducing travel times, in addition to, cutting costs for freight operators and enhancing economic opportunities for the cattle, mining and tourism industries.


The Australian Government will fund up to a maximum of 80 per cent of the total project cost in partnership with the state and territory governments and relevant local councils.


Funding for the Outback Way is available from the 2013–14 financial year to the 2026-27 financial year.