Transitioning from IMS – the Department’s Infrastructure Management System – to a New and Improved User Portal and System

IMS is a bespoke legacy system used by the Department and State, Territory and Local Government officials to manage and deliver funding for land transport infrastructure projects under the Infrastructure Investment Program.

IMS, which was implemented in 2007, has system functionality limitations and is not able to meet evolving business needs.

New Capability to Enhance Submission and Management of Land Infrastructure Projects

On 19 August 2024, the Department will introduce a new Reporting and Program Management (RPM) portal to manage nationally funded infrastructure investments.

The portal is a modern, web-based gateway for State and Territory Government to:

  • Submit Project Proposal Requests (PPRs) – now called Funding Proposals
  • Upload Progress Reports and Milestone Evidence
  • Claim milestone payments for land transport infrastructure projects

The portal will be interfaced with a new internal system to manage Australia’s infrastructure investments. This modern system will centralise communications, enabling the Department to communicate with State and Territory Government through the portal, as opposed to email.

After this initial release, the department will focus efforts on broadening the use of the portal – enabling submission of funding proposals and claiming milestone payments for ‘sub-programs’ including: Black Spots, Roads to Recovery, Bridges Renewal Program the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity programs; and the new Safer Local Roads and Infrastructure Program.

Working with our State Government Partners

We are committed to working closely with our Local, State and Territory Government partners to develop a fit-for-purpose solution.

As we work towards the first release of RPM to deliver ‘base level’ functionality, we will continue to engage with State and Territory Government agencies to identify opportunities for improvement, resolve any issues and capture ideas for future enhancements to the portal.

More information

We will keep you updated as work progresses, and welcome any questions you may have. Please contact