Anyone can nominate a 'black spot' for funding consideration, using the official nomination form. Candidate projects are first assessed by the relevant state road authority, which has details of the crash history of the site and the expertise to assess the appropriate treatment.

Community consultation

Widespread community consultation and participation is fundamental to this program, ensuring that local concerns are addressed.

Community groups, motorist organisations, industry organisations, councils and individuals are invited to nominate Black Spot sites around Australia to be considered for treatment.


States and territories play an important coordinating role. A Consultative Panel has been established in each state and territory. It consists of representatives drawn from community and road user groups, industry, the Australian Government, local government and state road and transport agencies. Panels provide comment to the Australian Government on nominations for Black Spot works.

Rural projects

More than 60% of road deaths and a significant proportion of serious injuries occur outside metropolitan areas. In line with national road safety policy objectives, approximately 50% of Black Spot funds in each state (other than Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory) are reserved for projects in non-metropolitan areas. This ensures that crash locations in rural areas are treated.