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Reporting and Program Management

Transition to the Reporting and Program Management (RPM) system and Portal

The department's new Reporting and Program Management (RPM) system and Portal will soon be replacing the current Infrastructure Management System (IMS). The RPM system has been designed to manage the Australian Government's Infrastructure Investment Program. The RPM Portal is a new, intuitive and easy to use system with improved functionality that will benefit all users.

To access the RPM Portal, users will need to complete an RPM User Access Form. Users also require a modern web browser, internet access, approval from their organisation's CEO or authorised person, their identity verified through our Document Verification Service and a personalised work email address that only they have access to. The personalised work email address must be name based e.g., rather than title based

Existing IMS Portal users are unable to be transferred over to the RPM Portal. IMS Portal users will need to complete an RPM User Access Form and meet the criteria outlined above to gain access to the RPM Portal.

During the lead up to the RPM Portal Go-Live date (date to be advised), the department will be in regular contact with relevant state and territory agencies and local government to ensure a smooth transition.

If you have any queries or concerns, or would like to request a RPM User Access Form, please don't hesitate to contact

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