About the program

The Roads to Recovery (RTR) Program supports the construction and maintenance of the nation's local road infrastructure assets, which facilitates greater accessibility and improves safety, economic and social outcomes for Australians.

Funding under the RTR Program is available to all local government areas in Australia, for projects delivered through councils, and state and territory governments in unincorporated areas, under the National Land Transport Act 2014.

RTR is an ongoing program that operates on a five-year funding period, providing a stable and predictable source of funding. Flexibility is built into the program, with funding recipients able to decide on the roads projects that deliver on local priorities throughout the funding period.

In the current funding period, from 2019-20 to 2023-24, $2.6 billion is available nationally under the RTR Program. Since the start of this funding period, recipients have delivered repairs and upgrades to almost 12,000 road sites.

From 1 July 2024, a new five-year funding period will commence with the increased funding as announced by the Australian Government in November 2023. The available funding will increase until $1 billion is available per year under this ongoing program.

Funding allocations

Each funding recipient is allocated their share of national RTR funding at the beginning of the funding period and are able to schedule and deliver eligible projects up to their allocated amount. The Roads to Recovery List specifies the amounts to be provided to each funding recipient as determined by the relevant Minister.

The distribution of funding to each recipient is determined according to a formula based on the local roads component of the Financial Assistance Grant Program, to consider factors such as population and road length.

Members of the public can find information about RTR funded projects on the Projects page of this website or by contacting your local government organisation.