The Safer Local Road and Infrastructure Program (SLRIP) is a new Australian Government program, which will flexibly provide funding for projects to address emerging priorities in road infrastructure needs.

The SLRIP will consolidate the existing Bridges Renewal Program (BRP) and Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program (HVSPP) into a single application-based ongoing funding stream. Funding will increase gradually, so that an average of $200 million will be available per year, up from the current $150 million total annual investment in the HVSPP and the BRP. Similar to BRP and HVSPP, proponents must apply for funding and applications will be assessed based on merit.

The $140 million that is committed to the Heavy Vehicle Rest Area (HVRA) initiative over ten years will sit under the SLRIP, but retain its own funding and operate under its own guidelines.

Program guidelines are yet to be developed, and further consultation is required to ensure the program is streamlined and implemented effectively. Guidelines will be announced as part of the 2024-25 Budget process.

Projects currently funded under the BRP and HVSPP will continue to operate and be managed until they are complete. Administrative arrangements for future tranches, including acceptance of new applications for BRP and HVSPP, are currently under consideration. Contact the department ( or for any questions. 


Over the coming months, the Australian Government will consult with impacted stakeholders from state, territory, and local government and relevant peak bodies - seeking their valuable insights on the design and implementation of the new program and new guidelines.

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