The Roads to Recovery (RTR) Program, funded by the Australian Government, is delivered by local governments in partnership with the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts under the National Land Transport Act 2014.

Funding allocations

Each funding recipient is guaranteed a share of the total committed funding to schedule projects and receive payments up to their individual funding period allocation as determined by the Roads to Recovery List.

The allocation for each funding recipient takes into consideration factors such as population and road length in each local area.   In the absence of a local council where state or territory governments provide local government services to small communities, such as in remote areas of Australia, these areas are known as 'unincorporated areas'. To allow for this administrative arrangement, special program provisions are applied to unincorporated areas, as well as to the Indian Ocean Territories.

Program conditions

Local governments may nominate local priority road projects to expend their funding allocation in accordance with the Roads to Recovery Funding Conditions. The funding conditions detail the types of projects eligible to be funded under the program and the requirements to receive funding. Funding provided under the RTR program is not intended to replace local government spending on roads, or state and territory government assistance to funding recipients for local road construction or maintenance.

Funding recipient guidance

Payments are made directly to each funding recipient under simple administrative procedures that enable construction schedules to be decided locally and regularly reported to the Government. IMS is the administrative portal used to manage RTR projects and funding.

Project signage

Each project funded under the RTR Program, valued at more than $10,000, must be identified by temporary signage as set out in the department’s Signage Guidelines. Please refer to details in the Signage Guidelines published on the department’s website at Resources for funding recipients or contact the department by email to for any enquiries about signage or to request signage templates.

Project promotions

Funding recipients must notify the department when they propose to issue a public statement, media release, publication or advertising, or to hold an event in relation to an RTR funded project. Events and public media must acknowledge and give appropriate recognition to the contribution of the Australian Government. Please refer to the Funding Conditions for detailed requirements about project promotions.

To seek approval for media, funding recipients must send an email requesting approval at least five (5) business days in advance of publication to

To notify the department about a formal event proposed to be held in relation to an RTR funded project, funding recipients must provide details of the proposed ceremony or event by email at least two (2) weeks before the event to

More information

Basic information reported by funding recipients about Roads to Recovery projects is available through the department’s website at Projects, otherwise for more detailed information about a specific RTR project, please contact the relevant local government organisation.

You can contact the department with enquiries about the RTR Program by email to