The Bridges Renewal Program (BRP) and the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program (HVSPP) are complementary programs designed to provide funding to State, Territory and Local Governments for projects to:

  • upgrade and replace bridges to enhance access for local communities and facilitate higher productivity vehicle access (BRP) and;
  • increase the productivity and safety of heavy vehicle operations (HVSPP).

The Australian Government has committed a total of $140 million over 10 years to support new and upgraded heavy vehicle rest areas. This funding is delivered under the Heavy Vehicle Rest Area initiative (HVRA) through the HVSPP.

The Australian Government is also providing $150 million of funding for projects under the Remote Roads Upgrade Pilot Program (RRUPP). This program targets road improvements for regional communities, and addresses significant deficiencies on key regional and rural roads that limit community access, pose safety risks, and impact the economic development of the surrounding area.

New Safer Local Roads and Infrastructure Program from July 2024

From July 2024, the HVSPP and the BRP will consolidate into a single application based ongoing funding stream under the new Safer Local Roads and Infrastructure Program (SLRIP). Funding for SLRIP will increase gradually, so that an average of $200 million will be available per year, up from the current $150 million total annual investment in the HVSPP and the BRP. More information is available on the Safer Local Roads and Infrastructure Program webpage.

HVSPP and BRP applications

Administrative arrangements for future tranches, including acceptance of new applications for BRP and HVSPP, are currently under consideration. Contact the department ( or for any questions.

HVRA applications continue to be accepted

HVRA applications continue to be accepted all year round to provide flexibility and allow projects to be submitted when they will most benefit Australia’s heavy vehicle rest areas.

Applications are continually assessed with recommended projects batched on a regular basis for approval by the Minister. Timing of each tranche is subject to change and is dependent on demand, however we expect tranches to close around the end of March, June, September and December each year.


Resources for the BRP, HVSPP, HVRA and RRUP programs are listed below.


  • BRP, HVSPP and HVRA Guidelines for Applicants DOCX: 164 KB – The Guidelines for Applicants outline the application process for the programs and initiative, and contain the mandatory requirements for an application.
  • BRP, HVSPP and HVRA Guidelines for Successful Funding Recipients DOCX: 164 KB – The Guidelines for Successful Funding Recipients support proponents. They outline the obligations that proponents must follow in their management of the project.
  • RRUPP Guidelines for Applicants DOCX: 193 KB – The Guidelines for Applicants outline the application process for the program and contain any mandatory requirements.
  • RRUPP Guidelines for Successful Funding Recipients DOCX: 191 KB – The Guidelines for Successful Funding Recipients supports delivery partners. They outline the obligations that delivery partners must follow in the management and delivery of their project.

Application Form

  • HVRA Application Form XLSX: 213 KB – The Application Form is mandatory for all applications. It is used by applicants to provide information about each project.

Applications must be submitted through the IMS. The Nomination Form can be downloaded from IMS portal.

Funded projects – additional forms (BRP, HVSPP, HVRA and RRUPP)

  • Request for Tender Exemption Form DOCX: 142 KB – The Request for Tender Exemption form is mandatory when a proponent is seeking an exemption from tendering works greater than $100,000. The form also explains when exemptions may not be required.
  • Milestone Claim Form DOCX: 129 KB – The Milestone Claim Form is mandatory for proponents to claim a milestone payment. The completed form, along with supporting evidence should be sent to the relevant State/Territory transport department (if required by them) or directly to the department at the contact details provided below.
  • Project Variation Request DOCX: 163 KB – The Project Variation Request form is mandatory if the scope, cost or schedule of an approved project is changing.
  • Project Withdrawal Request DOCX: 156 KB – The Project Withdrawal Request form is mandatory when a proponent wants to withdraw a funded project.


  • Monthly Report Template XLSM: 58 KB – State and Territory transport departments report on the status of funded projects each month. Where updates aren’t provided, this Monthly Report Template can be used to provide updates on funded projects.
  • Post Completion Report DOCX: 140 KB – The Post Completion Report provides a summary of key features of the project. It is mandatory and must be submitted with the Claim for Payment of the Final Milestone. The Final Milestone will not be paid until the Department accepts the Post-Completion Report.

Contact us

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